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April 2016

MSM/GM Videos

Watch Taya Kyle Speak at MSM/GM Conference

Taya Kyle, widow of US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, author of "American Wife" and military veteran's family activist, speaks to the Exchange managers at the 2016 MSM/GM Conference. Taya's moving presentation touched upon four principles: Love, War, Faith, and Renewal. Keep Reading

Top Execs Answer Questions from GMs

Passion for the Exchange brand and for serving those who serve was the theme at the Monday morning opening of the 2016 MSM/GM conference. More than 600 main store managers, general managers and others from around the world attended the conference in Frisco, Texas. EVP/Chief Merchandising Officer Ana Middleton, sporting her Exchange brand faux tattoo, challenged attendees to be “passionate about our brand” as she kicked-off the event. Ana then turned the mic over to Director/CEO Tom Shull, and the excitement began. Keep Reading

MSM/GM Videos

Watch Inspiring MSM/GM Videos

Watch the inspiring Exchange Videos shown at the 2016 MSM/GM conference. Watch “A State of the EXCHANGE” from ExchangeAssoc on Vimeo. “Lead From Where You Are” from ExchangeAssoc on Vimeo. “2015 Exchange By The Numbers” from ExchangeAssoc on Vimeo. Keep Reading

Celebrating Achievements, Looking Toward Future

Congratulations! It is Truly an Honor to Serve with Each of You  I have exciting news to share about the Exchange’s 2015 financials. I have seen the preliminary results, and our team can be proud of what is projected to be record-setting dividends for the past year. Once we have the final results, I will share them with you. As we celebrate our past achievements, we look toward a bright future, thanks to the strong foundation we’ve built together during the past 46 months. You have triumphed despite a significant drawdown of military operations in Afghanistan, excelled as active-duty ranks decreased and thrived in an industry undergoing seismic shifts. MSM/GM Conference Part of our success is rooted in the fact we… Keep Reading

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