Celebrating Achievements, Looking Toward Future

Director/CEO Tom Shull greets an associate at the Fort Hood grand opening.

Director/CEO Tom Shull greets an associate at the Fort Hood grand opening.

Congratulations! It is Truly an Honor to Serve with Each of You 

I have exciting news to share about the Exchange’s 2015 financials.

I have seen the preliminary results, and our team can be proud of what is projected to be record-setting dividends for the past year. Once we have the final results, I will share them with you.

As we celebrate our past achievements, we look toward a bright future, thanks to the strong foundation we’ve built together during the past 46 months.

You have triumphed despite a significant drawdown of military operations in Afghanistan, excelled as active-duty ranks decreased and thrived in an industry undergoing seismic shifts.

MSM/GM Conference

Part of our success is rooted in the fact we are one team united in our commitment to serving Soldiers, Airmen and their families. The Exchange is a special retailer—we serve those who serve America, wherever they go.

One way we strengthen our ability to fulfill this commitment is through our annual MSM/GM conference. Main store managers, general managers and key leaders will meet in Dallas on April 24-28 to collaborate on strategies and initiatives critical to our organization’s success.

As we move forward, our continued focus on better customer service and increased efficiencies ensures the Exchange is well-positioned to meet any challenge.

I met many managers while traveling with our senior enlisted advisor, Chief Master Sgt. Sean Applegate, throughout the Persian Gulf area, including Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, and in Europe and the continental United States.

The chief and I look forward to talking with managers from all our stores at the conference.

Following the conference, we will share videos and presentations with all associates. Watch your email and the portal for details on how you can participate.

Month of the Military Child

As we celebrate the Month of the Military Child this month, please remember that the bond we share with these special customers today may determine if they return to our stores tomorrow.

I am the son of a Soldier, and my wife is a Soldier’s daughter. My family, like so many of yours, understands the joys and challenges of being a military child, especially overseas.

Serving military children is a special privilege. The connection we make can often prompt them to follow their parents’ example of military service.

An even better future

Please never forget that you are at the heart of all we do—every day you make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

The Exchange team has had a great year because of you and your service to those who serve. Considering where we’ve been and where we are going, we can look forward, as a team, to an even better 2016.

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