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Exchange Ensures Dignity, Honor and Respect for Fallen Service Members

The Exchange provides a service that is by and large unseen by the public, but is extremely important: providing uniform items for fallen service members. The Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations at the Charles C. Carson Center in Dover, Del., works to ensure dignity, honor and respect to fallen service members of current and past conflicts. We honor the hard work and sacrifice of the mortuary staff, who give so much to ensure those who have served so well receive the dignity, honor and respect they deserve.  Teo Smith, general manager To ensure the departed are provided with the honor and decorum they deserve, Barbara Taylor, the Dover AFB Exchange’s Military Clothing manager, is on-call 24/7 to provide uniforms and… Keep Reading


3 Tips for Exceptional Customer Service

In August 2016, the Exchange received 1,069 comments from customers through all channels. Complaints about associates make up the majority of our customer comments. The most common complaints: associates not acknowledging customers, displaying bad attitudes, making rude comments and having no sense of urgency when serving them. Use these three tips to improve  customer service Greet customers as soon as they enter your area. Customers are our first priority. A simple smile and a “hello” lets customers know you see them and makes you more approachable. Smile! Make your customer’s day with a smile. A smile and a kind word can turn a bad day into a good one. Respect your customer’s time. By showing a sense of urgency and… Keep Reading


More, Healthier Options for On-The-Go Customers

Growing the Express means bringing more and healthier options for on-the-go customers. New store concepts, signing and graphics will change the look and feel of the Expresses and improve the customer experience. Focus is on trip need, ease of shopping and increasing the basket. “The BE FIT program will take center stage,” said David Arens, divisional merchandise manager. “The BE FIT endcap is the first endcap you see as you walk into the Express.” The endcap is updated each month with fresh, new items, while also featuring the core items approved for BE FIT carried in our Express stores every day. Sales increase BE FIT items increased sales by 11 percent compared to last year and represents 15 percent of… Keep Reading

Customer Shout Outs

Customer Shoutouts: These Associates Rock!

Anja Diana Overseas Region/Grafenwoehr, Germany I was in the Express two weeks ago and want to acknowledge Anja, who was at the front by herself. The store was packed, but instead of worrying about herself and getting her customers through she began to run back and forth between each register trying to get as many customers satisfied as she could! I thought that was amazing. Anja took great initiative for making us feel she cared that we didn’t stand in there any longer then we had to! Thank you Anja! Ritchel Indo Overseas Region/Yokota AB, Japan Ritchel Indo continues to provide outstanding world-class customer service to this day. I first encountered her more than two years ago when I first… Keep Reading


Enroll in Flexible Spending Accounts for 2017

During open enrollment, Nov. 7 – Dec. 2, you can set aside up to $2,550 pre-tax each year in a healthcare flexible spending account to get reimbursed for eligible medical, dental and vision expenses that aren’t covered by your medical plan. In addition to copays, coinsurance and deductibles, these expenses include: Dental work and orthodontia Eye exams, glasses, contact lenses and LASIK eye surgery Over-the-counter items, such as bandages, saline solution Prescription drugs See a complete list of eligible health care expenses. Once enrolled in the FSA for 2017, you will receive confirmation from PayFlex, which will show how to set up direct deposits and notifications and access your account. New enrollees will each get one debit card to pay… Keep Reading


Don’t Miss Out, Open Enrollment Starts Nov 7

Open enrollment starts Nov. 7 and lasts through Dec. 2. During this period, you can make benefit choices and changes for 2017. New website Plus, there’s more online. Visit the new DoD NAF at for all the facts, tools and resources to enroll and make the best use of your Exchange benefits throughout the year. The site is designed to give quick and easy-to-use access on any device. Watch videos, get wellness tips, learn how to save on health care, and much more. You’ll also find important Department of Labor notices, summary plan descriptions, Medicare credible coverage information, health care reform updates, and other health plan details. Wellness e-newsletters and more By providing your email address, you can sign… Keep Reading

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