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These Associates were CAUGHT . . . Doing the Right Thing

These associates are truly carrying out the Exchange core value, “The courage to use good judgment,” by ensuring they perform their jobs safely, thus saving the Exchange hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost work time, workman’s comp expenses and other costs associated with injuries.

Dion Albea Ft StewartDion Albea, a customer service associate at Fort Stewart, Ga., doesn’t let the bucks get past her until she uses the special pen to verify that they’re legit and not counterfeit.






DTRT Tymmons Shapot KMCC GNC2At Ramstein AB’s KMCC in Germany, Tymmons Shapot from the GNC concessionaire is ready to respond with a yellow warning sign to prevent slips and falls in her store.







DTRT Sean Chamness Baumholder Food CourtIn the Baumholder food court in Germany, Sean Chamness wears only his Shoes for Crews footwear with slip-resistant soles. LP experts highly recommend that all food-service associates wear the non-slip footwear due to the higher-than-usual slip and fall risk from water or grease on the floors.




DTRT Deonte Basnight KMCC Taco Bell_2Heat protective gloves protect the hands of KMCC Taco Bell’s Deonte Basnight from burns while he fries tortillas.






DTRT Carnegie Milligan KMCC MS_2Carnegie “Tray” Milligan at the KMCC’s main store uses only the Exchange-approved Easy-Cut safety box cutter. What’s more, he follows proper procedures by cutting away from his body to avoid the knife flying back at him in case it slips out of his hand.







DTRT Ilona Lauer KMCC MS_2Ilona Lauer, an associate at KMCC, used good judgment and did the right thing by contacting her LP office when she discovered an abandoned old purse with merchandise tags in a dressing room.

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