Exchange Working Groups, Working for Veteran Online Shopping Benefit Success

Adding 13 million shoppers to the Exchange customer base this coming November will be no small task. We  need to ensure online and logistics are ready for the undertaking, plus we need the appropriate message to welcome and educate returning customers, some of whom have not shopped with the Exchange for years.

To ensure a successful launch of the Veteran’s online shopping benefit, working groups have been developed to resolve problems and provide solutions to any challenges:

The 10 working groups and their scope:

eCommerce/Customer experience – Review website modifications and call center capabilities needed to handle the extra customer demand from returning Veterans.

Logistics – Evaluate fulfillment and distribution capacities used to ship to new online shoppers.

Human resources – Train Associates to assist in serving a new customer base and providing contingency plans for seamless support with increased demand.

Merchandising – Review and implement planning, allocating and replenishment modifications to ensure adequate inventory. Enhance vendor performance management on current vendors along with on-boarding new vendors.

MarketingDevelop messaging and segment marketing strategy, with customer relations management functions and tailored communications tying into Soldier and Airman for Life Programs.

Information technology – Development of authentication website and performing shopping website updates along with ensuring all enterprise systems are prepared to deliver the required capabilities and forecasted demand.

Business development/Business intelligences – Work Authentication Process and Defense Manpower Data Center relations. Customer data analysis and modeling for decision making.

Corporate communication – Target communications to Veteran audience. Highlight benefits availability and advantages of using the online benefit primarily by social media posts. Help associates communicate the new benefit to their families and friends.

Planning and partnerships – Review and evaluate regulatory matters, update existing memorandum of understanding, association or agreement (MOA/MOU’s) and draft new MOA/MOU’s, as required.

Credit – Inspecting all credit vehicles and capitalizing on authentication data to reactivate prior MILITARY STAR cardholder accounts. Develop additional credit score cards and analyze card benefits to mitigate risk.

In upcoming Exchange Posts, these working groups will be described in depth and updates will be provided on progress.

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