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What is Veterans Online Shopping Benefit and What Does it Mean to the Exchange?

The new Veterans online shopping benefit allows honorably discharged Veterans, regardless of how long they served in the armed forces, to shop on the Exchange’s website,, and websites of our sister exchanges. This new policy, which the Pentagon approved this past January, is expected to bring about 13 million Veterans back home to the Exchange family, starting this Veterans Day, Nov. 11. Keep Reading


Our Bakeries Feed Troops’ Spirits

The Exchange takes care troops serving overseas through its four bakeries—three in the Pacific and one in Germany—that produce fresh-baked goods made with American flour, so the bread, buns, rolls, tortillas, cakes, doughnuts and other treats taste just like they do back home. Keep Reading

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Exchange Military Brats

Linda Bailey HQ / IT-Gov Intrusion Detection & Prevention Information Technology You are requesting Military Brat to write to guys, well that’s me. As a military brat my favorite place to go was the Shoppette. I had great memories of running there after school to get a snack.  Then when I graduated from high school, went to college & married. I had no idea I would soon be employed by the exchange as Military Spouse, this year is my 25th year with the company. It’s been a blessing to have the Exchange in my life, which has filled me with wonderful memories from my childhood to present time. My son has been able to experience life as a Military Brat. He… Keep Reading

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SVP Jami Richardson Tells Her Family Story

Exchange Credit Program SVP Jami Richardson has been with the Exchange 29 years. She left her home in Indiana after college to work at HQ Dallas, Texas. Far from family and friends, Richardson found a new sense of family at the Exchange. But this family serving family story actually began decades before she came to Texas as a field accountant. In 1947, Richardson’s father-in-law, William Richardson, was discharged from the Army Air Corps as a corporal. After going back to school and landing a job at a  CPA firm, he found an opportunity at the Fort Hood Exchange as an accountant. Jami’s mother-in-law, Myrtle, also worked at the Fort Hood Exchange and lived in the dormitory on base with her sister, Irene Vaughn, who worked and… Keep Reading

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