Contact Center Opens

On April 25, soft-launched to begin authenticating the potentially 13 million Veterans who will be able to use their earned lifelong online military exchange benefit beginning Veteran’s Day 2017. call center associates took 37 calls between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., an extremely modest number compared to the significant volume of Veteran contacts the team expects to receive once formal communication begins early May.

In total, 280 people logged onto during the site’s first day of operation. Of those users, 100 were approved to shop starting November 11; seven were ineligible to shop; and 34 had incomplete data.

Surprisingly, about 40 percent of those who went through were deemed eligible to shop now.

According to Zoe Gilmore, contact center liaison, she and her team were taking contact information of those unable to confirm their discharge status and calling them back. Other than that, Zoe said, no other challenges were encountered.

The team had calls from Veterans who read articles in Military Times and VFW Magazine about the Veterans online shopping benefit and called the VetVerify call center to ask, “Is this really real?” Many of these Veterans expressed excitement about being able to shop online through the military exchanges. is an independent website set up for joint support of Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard veterans.

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