Young customer Kent receives his dream birthday cake plus a special surprise.

Express Team Makes Dream Come True for Young Customer

Kent, a  young special needs customer, spent months eyeing the cake book at Germany’s Ramstein AB Express, dreaming of his birthday cake. When Kent’s special day finally arrived, Kent’s mom, Rebecca, went to the Express to pick up a previously ordered Lightning McQueen birthday cake.

She was heartbroken to find it had not been delivered. Express team members were determined that not only would Kent get his cake, they would also give him a special surprise to make his
day memorable.

Reorder Associate Belinda Hanna bought a decorated cake from the commissary. Warehouse Associate Michelle Ortiz went to the KMCC mall to purchase Grand Lightning McQueen cars.

When our associates know they are empowered to make decisions and take care of our customers, we are at our best.

—COO Dave Nelson

Hanna and Ortiz decorated the cake while Express Assistant Manager Lolita Baltimore bought
a birthday card and $25 Exchange gift card.

Within the hour, the team finished the cake and presented it to Kent, who happily approved. Kent loved his cake so much that he warned his mom, “Don’t drop it,” as they left for his birthday party.

The Ramstein Express team — family serving family at its finest.

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