Tent, Trailer, Bazaar or Extended Hours—All Bases Covered in Pacific Region Exercises

The Contingency and Pacific Region teams are busy throughout the year supporting Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines in operations and exercises from Guam to Korea.

The Exchange served Sailors upon arrival of Navy ships from the USS Carl Vincent Strike Group at the Navy base in Busan. More than 300  customers lined up at the bazaar barber. Many vendors worked day and night to serve the Sailors.

Mobile field exchanges (MFE) supported Soldiers in Korea during Operations Pacific Reach and Ulchi Freedom Guardian. While supporting U.S. and Canadian Soldiers in Ulchi Freedom Guardian, the MFE increased sales by 108 percent, finishing with $36,000 in sales during the 12-day exercise.

The Camp Zama Exchange supported deployed troops during Operation Pacific Region and Yama Sakura, an annual joint command exercise.

Guam/Saipan greeted troops during Cope North by extending hours for food and retail and adding food vendors to handle the increased customer flow.

The Exchange supports all service members, including Sailors and Marines, no matter how large or small the exercises or operation. One team, one mission, one fight!

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