Sergeants, Exchange Partner to Bring Backpacks to Kids

Operations Manager John Anderson, right, and Sales & Merchandise Manager Pam Vallely ring up the school supplies that MSgt Venessa Brown, center, and her sergeants organization bought for school children.

EDWARDS AFB, Calif. — Exchange associates and the First Sergeants Association ensured that students returned to school with backpacks full of the right supplies.

More than 66 families received support thanks to the sergeants-Exchange partnership.

For the past two years, association members have teamed with main store associates for an annual backpack drive to help families receive school supplies.

A-shopping we will go

In June, the association’s sergeants provided a very detailed shopping list, which included supplies and helpful breakdowns of genders and grades.

With the shopping list filled, which saved time and effort for the sergeants, the last step was to ring up the sales.

“It was a great sight to see, cart after cart of supplies for a fantastic cause,” said Pam Vallely, sales & merchandise manager.

“We may be a small, remote store, but we take care of each other and work together like a real family.”

– Pam Vallely, sales & merchandise manager

Going a step further

Associates worked with Exchange headquarters in Dallas to get additional quantities of supplies to keep enough back-to-school items for regular customers.

Although the checkout line was normally the last step, Exchange associates went one step further and also delivered the entire order.

‘Truly a family’

Vallely said associates were honored to assist the First Sergeants Association towards the educational enrichment of children.

“The Edwards community is truly a family,” she said. “We may be a small, remote store, but we take care of each other and work together like a real family.”

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