Climate Assessment Surveys Give New Insights on Morale

The Exchange Inspector General’s office recently took initiative to enhance the capability to complete the IG mission pertaining to assessing employee morale and effectiveness.

Several IG staff members underwent training on survey methodology and design. Using the knowledge gained, the IG staff developed a survey tool that can rapidly assess the health and functions of components of the organization; this is a web-based Climate Assessment Survey.

Providing a picture

Used for organizational training and development, Climate Assessment Surveys provides a picture of the organization’s needs. The survey is used to solicit associates’ opinions on various issues, such as the Exchange’s success in communicating its mission or the quality of the working environment.

The results of the feedback provide an understanding of how associates perceive the organization along different dimensions. This process helps the Exchange executive leaders better understand the climate in the assessed area.

Survey feedback:

  • is essential to facilitating development and organization change.
  • allows the Exchange to focus on needs and leverage its strengths.
  • informs on actions that create problems for associates
  • provides executive leaders with direct associate feedback—both positive and negative—on the organization’s internal health
  • measures the impact of current programs, policies and procedures
  • can be used to motivate associates and improve job satisfaction—by seeing actual change from the feedback.

Ensuring confidentiality

During an assessment, steps are taken to ensure the confidentiality of feedback results. All responses are voluntary and anonymous. No demographic data is collected, and  matching results to an individual is impossible.

The answers to multiple- choice questions are averaged in the final report. Comments or written answers are summarized in the results to conceal the author’s identity.

Confidentiality helps ensure that the results are genuine.

Formal request

The Climate Assessment Survey is used at the formal request of a general manager; distribution center manager; directors, senior vice presidents and executive vice presidents; chief operations officers, president, deputy director or director/chief executive officer. The survey is tailorable to best meet the needs of the portion of the organization surveyed, and, while it is useful any time, the survey is especially effective immediately after a change in leadership.

A positive work climate

Six to nine months following an assessment, the inspector general will conduct a follow-up assessment to measure the effectiveness of changes made from the initial assessment. Be assured, the Exchange leadership is committed to assessing, establishing and maintaining a positive work climate. 

Associates who are part of an assessed section can expect to spend around 30-40 minutes completing the survey. This small investment of time is helpful with identifying the positive aspects of where you work and opportunities for improvement.

As you can imagine, your honest feedback on the survey is critical. Please note that participation in the survey is not a substitute for any formal complaint process.

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