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Tell Your Customers About the Great MILITARY STAR Benefits

You know the MILITARY STAR® card is the Exchange’s private label credit card, but did you know that Congress established the card  in 1979 to protect service members from predatory lending. The program continues putting service members’ credit needs first with our industry recognized lowest APR among store credit cards in the business.

Asking customers, “Would you like to use your MILITARY STAR card on this purchase” not only delivers a value to our customers, but it also gives back to the community we serve. 

How does using MILITARY STAR cards give back?

The Exchange pays approximately $80 million a year in transaction fees when customers swipe bank-issued Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover cards. That annual lost revenue reduces Exchange earnings, diverting money from military Quality-of-Life programs, such as Army child development centers, fitness centers, Air Force outdoor recreation, school lunches for Warfighters’ children overseas, among others.

For shoppers who don’t have a MILITARY STAR card, offer them an application and help them sign up on the spot. Tell your customers about the benefits of using the MILITARY STAR card:

  • 10 percent off all first-day purchases
  • 10 percent off at Exchange restaurants – EVERY DAY
  • 5-cents-per-gallon fuel discount at Exchange gas stations – EVERY DAY
  • Free standard shipping on all orders
  • Acceptance of MILITARY STAR in all commissaries for all branches of service, worldwide by Nov. 9
  • Competitive, low APR (11.24%) no matter your credit score
  • Promotional 0% interest offers
  • Acceptance of MILITARY STAR in all commissaries for all branches of service, worldwide by Nov. 9
  • 2 points for every $1 spent at the military exchanges, and an automatic $20 rewards card for every 2,000 points earned.
  • No annual, late or over-limit fees
  • A significant portion of MILITARY STAR earnings fund Quality-of Life programs for military families

Check out these best MILITARY STAR best practices for associates and put them to use at your stores.


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