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Inspector General Releases 2018 Inspection Cycle

Firearms counters, like this one at Fort Hood, will be part of the focus in Eastern and Central regions during this year’s inspection cycle.

The Exchange Office of the Inspector General (IG) has completed planning for the 2018 inspection cycle. On Dec. 21, the IG received a signed inspection directive from Director/CEO Tom Shull, that provides the authority for the IG to inspect and evaluate a number of areas and programs. This calendar year begins a five-year cycle of inspections through the Exchange regions, beginning with Europe and contingency locations.

Each year of this plan, one HQ-specific component will receive an inspection. Inspections of firearms counters will continue until all are complete. For 2018, six counters in Eastern and six in Central will receive

Inspection objectives will change from year to year, with operations as the primary focus. For 2018, here are the objectives:

For Contingency Operations

Evaluate contingency operations to determine whether customer basic needs are met

Assess Exchange oversight of Manpower Agency contracts

Evaluate the effectiveness of cash accountability to determine whether adequate controls are in place

Evaluate associate morale and effectiveness and chain of command relationships.

For Europe Region

Assess Antiterrorism Force Protection procedures (active shooter, anti-robbery, bomb threats and workplace violence)

Assess customer support services such as refunds, layaway, rain checks

Evaluate employee morale and effectiveness and chain of command relationships

For Eastern and Central Regions

Assess firearms counter operations—focus on compliance with federal regulations and
Exchange policy

For HQ Dallas

Evaluate the MILITARY STAR® card collections and garnishment process

Leaders received inspection notifications in January.  The IG will conduct inspections primarily in March and April and should provide final reports to leadership by late July.

IG reports ensure the continuity of operations and provide a baseline for follow-up inspections, inspection planning and trend analysis.  The reports also provide information that will assist Exchange leadership with making decisions. The IG staff looks forward to performing inspections, one of our primary functions, and working with all Exchange personnel to provide training and spread innovative ideas across the organization.   

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