Earn up to $600 a Year with Health Incentive Credits

Exchange associates and retirees who participate in the health plan and their covered family members can earn health incentive credits by taking healthy actions. If you have single coverage, that means up to $250 a year; with family coverage, earn up to $600 a year.

This is great news if you have planned medical expenses or unexpected out-of-pocket costs.

In the DoD Health Plan through Aetna, health incentive credits are easy to earn. If you don’t expect to have any medical bills, earn them anyway, because unused credits roll over for up to three times into each new year.

And yes – Aetna will use the credits on claims for anyone you cover on your Aetna plan.

First, you and your covered spouse must complete the health assessment to earn credits. The questionnaire covers a wide range of health topics, and it takes just 15 minutes to complete.

Get started now by logging onto Aetna Navigator and clicking on “Complete your Assessment” under “Stay Healthy.”

The chart below outlines the Health Incentive Credit program.


Health incentive credit amount

Complete metabolic syndrome screening by Nov. 30.

$150 each

Complete three calls with an Aetna disease management nurse to achieve a health goal.

$100 each

Complete the online Journey (average time, 32 days)

$50 each, up to four Journeys

Have all dependent children under 18 in your family undergo preventive exams.

$50 for each child per year


View current and past credits online. Log onto Aetna Navigator and click on “Incentives” under “Stay Healthy.”

The metabolic screening is free if a Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center or another network lab performs it. If your doctor does it, you may pay a fee. Learn more about the screening and how to schedule it.

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