Begin Your Quest for Better Health by Completing Your Biometric Screening

A biometric screening is a simple test that determines whether you have risk factors that can set the stage for heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

If you have three or more of the risk factors—high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol and a too large waist circumference—you have what’s called “metabolic syndrome.” Take action to keep serious health conditions from developing and earn $150 in the DoD NAF Health Plan’s 2018 Health Incentive Credit program when you complete the biometric screening and health assessment.

How to complete your biometric screening

You can get a biometric screening at your Exchange or installation if a screening is scheduled. Look for an event near you at

Schedule an onsite appointment at

  • Returning users log in by using their user names and passwords.
  • New users must enter the registration key DoD2018
  • You must fast for 9-12 hours prior to screening. Take any regularly scheduled medications as usual.

Drinking water is permissible and recommended during the fasting period. A few days after your screening, you’ll receive an email when your results are ready to view online. Your printed report will arrive in the mail two to three weeks later.

You also can get a screening at one of 2,200 Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Centers. Schedule an appointment at

Follow the same directions as above.

You can also ask your doctor to complete a physician results form. Go to to download the form. Ask your doctor to complete it using recent lab results. Your doctor may charge a fee to complete the form.

  • Form needs to include all required screening values and signatures.
  • Your doctor must fax the form to Quest Diagnostics by Nov. 30.
  • Your printed report will arrive in the mail two to three weeks after your screening.

How to complete the online health assessment

You must complete the online health assessment to earn the $150 health incentive credit from taking the biometric screening.  To take the assessment, log in to then click “Health Assessment” under the Stay Healthy section on the main page.  Once you’ve completed both the screening and the assessment, your credits will be posted to your account on




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