These Associates Rock! April’s Customer Shoutouts

Patricia Muraskas
Europe Region/Ramstein AB, Germany

I arrived a few months ago needing items for the family. I asked Patricia for assistance on finding what we needed because I was exhausted. With a smile on her face, she walked me to the items and chatted with me as she did. I have been in several times since then, and she has demonstrated the same degree of helpfulness and professionalism each time. She embodies all that is needed to truly assist customers. I actually look forward to running into her each time I am there.


Robert McCoy
Pacific Region/Camp Foster, Japan

I hold high regard for what is considered customer service personally. Your Popeyes assistant manager, Robert McCoy, provides the example of what customer service should be. He demonstrates his passion for each customer and when not busy at the register, he walks around the store to ensure every customer was satisfied with their meal, that the restaurant remains clean and that orders are correct. Mind you, this was during a very busy lunchtime. My hat is off to him. I am glad to know that people still hold the values that I grew up with regarding customer service. He deserves any accolade you can provide for his superior performance.

Julita Brown

Tootsie Drummond

Julita Brown and Tootsie Drummond
Eastern Region/Fort Lee, Va.

I received absolutely fantastic support from Julie, who was the cashier, and from Ms. Drummond, the supervisor in customer service. I purchased a $500 gift card this morning. Julie was most kind and very attentive as I checked out. She placed the gift card in a separate bag with two candy bars I purchased for the grandchildren. She then tied a small knot in that bag and paced the bag inside my other bag with the 10 items I purchased. When I got home in the early afternoon, I put the bag with candy bars and  gift card in the refrigerator. Later, when I did unload the, there was no gift card and I didn’t think about it being in the bag with the candy bars. I immediately called the Exchange and Ms. Drummond answered the phone. She listened to my situation, and I provided the date and time of checkout and told her of the other items in my bag. She reached out to loss prevention associates, who reviewed the tapes. That was when we discovered the gift card was in the second bag, which I had put in the refrigerator and forgotten about. We found the $500 gift card moments later—and it was well chilled from its time in the refrigerator. Ms. Drummond and Julie were both excellent in the performance of their duties, and the situation was quickly and efficiently resolved. Please pass my appreciation to the store managers, the district or regional managers, both associates and the security team. All were spot-on as they helped a forgetful customer resolve what could have been a major problem.

Reggie Cole
Central Region/Fort Leonard Wood

Kudos to Reggie Cole! What a wonderful employee! I rate the overall facility as simply outstanding. I have been going there almost every day for 12 years and the service, choice of merchandise, including hot foods, and merchandize (including hot food), and cleanliness is above reproach. I have never met an associate or manager there who is not giving 100 percen% and hustling everywhere, always. Courtesy is just a given.

Cherice Bostick
Western Region/March ARB, Calif.

 I would like to acknowledge one of your outstanding associates, Cherice Bostik. She showed superb customer service. I wish everyone in customer service was a carbon copy of her. It was my pleasure to have her help me. Keep up the great service, Cherice!


Marcus Harris
HQ/Credit Call Center

A  valued customer reported that her day was going really bad until she spoke with Marcus, who solved all her issues in one phone call. She said that although the call took 20 minutes, Marcus did not give up! She ended the phone call smiling!

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