Customer Shoutouts: These Associates Rock!

Chong-taek Pak and Chi-A Yi
Pacific Region/Osan AB

I want to recommend two employees at the Osan Exchange for their excellent customer service they provided me today. Their excellent knowledge and professional attitudes lead to the purchase of a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Please don’t let this excellent encounter go to waste by not praising the two associates. I did my share by thanking them personally and expressing these comments online.

Sean Chamness
Europe Region/Baumholder Wagon Wheel Theater

Thanks to Sean Chamness for providing great service to our field trip group from Wetzel School Age Center. Sean is easy to work with and made sure everything was ready ahead of time. Sean was great about communicating and arranging a special movie showing for our group of 50, as well as preparing popcorn and drinks in a timely manner.

Marcia Jackson and Lois Hurrigan
Eastern Region/Fort Meade, Va.

Earlier this month, I purchased a refrigerator and range from the Fort Meade Exchange. I had to return the range to the store so I could have my MILITARY STAR card credited.  I was impressed by the dogged determination of associates Marcia and Lois, who followed up on numerous occasions and brought the matter to a close. They could have simply let the matter run its natural course, but that wasn’t in their DNA. I greatly appreciate and applaud their efforts.

Thelma Allen and Michael Lippin
Central Region/JB San Antonio-Lackland

I had a wonderful Exchange experience last week thanks to two of your associates: Thelma Allen  and Michael Lippi. They made our day, and in doing so made a strong statement about the Exchange’s core values. My wife bought a hair dryer, but left it in the basket in the parking lot. I went back to the store the next day hoping to find it, but the carts were all repositioned for the new dryer! I was referred to Thelma, who greeted me with a warm smile and vigorously assisted me in trying to locate it. Regrettably, we did not locate it, but she suggested that if I spoke with the Michael, the manager, he might help me further, perhaps even replacing the device. Such a generous option would have never crossed my mind…Who does that? But at her gentle nudging, I met with Michael, who without hesitation came to the rescue and provided me with a replacement. I was astounded by Thelma’s and Micheal’s compassion and blown away about how thoughtful and supportive their gestures were, and how thankful I was again when my wife gave a large sigh of relief when the problem was resolved. These two associates went the extra mile without any prompting from me.

Tina Bretz
Western Region/Fort Bliss McGregor Troop Store

Tina and her staff really went out the way to assist me yesterday. I wanted to order a pizza after I returned from mission. However, I was told that I only had fou4 choices. The issue is all the choices contain pork, which I don’t eat. I decided that I would just order pepperoni and pick the pork off. Immediately, Tina  said she would remove the pork prior to cooking the pizza. While making my pizza, she maintained a great attitude and assisted other customers. If I did not say thank you then someone, please tell her thank you for me.

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