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MILITARY STAR Card Earns Service Members, Families $27.5 Million in 2017

Exchange Credit Program Creates $445 Million in Value Across Military Community

Exchange shoppers who use MILITARY STAR® cards don’t just save money, they earn it—and the entire military community is benefiting.

In 2017, the Exchange Credit Program paid cardholders $27.5 million in personal dividends through rewards cards shoppers earned by using a MILITARY STAR card at exchanges in-store and online, commissaries and Armed Forces Recreation Centers.

For every $1 spent with MILITARY STAR, cardholders earn two points; with every 2,000 points earned, they receive a $20 rewards card. The rewards cards can be redeemed at any Army & Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard exchange; online at and; and at Exchange restaurants and mall vendors.

How military communities benefit

MILITARY STAR cardholders are not the only ones reaping rewards, as the broader military community benefits each time the card is swiped through the avoidance of costly merchant fees bank-issued credit cards create. Because military exchange earnings support the military community, the money saved in merchant fees—$28.7 million in 2017—is re-invested into needed installation programs and services.

In October 2017, the MILITARY STAR card’s benefit grew even more as commissaries began accepting the card. Using the card at commissaries offers greater convenience to troops and families and strengthen funding for critical military Quality-of-Life programs.

Millions in other savings

In total, MILITARY STAR generated $445 million in value in 2017. In addition to the rewards cards earned and money saved on merchant fees, other customer savings include:

  • $309 million from one low APR for all cardholders, regardless of credit score.
  • $32.9 million due to MILITARY STAR never charging late fees.
  • $17.2 million from MILITARY STAR’s 0-percent-interest financing offers and never charging “back interest” after a promotion ends.
  • $9.1 million for new cardholders taking advantage of the card’s first-day discount.
  • $8 million through MILITARY STAR’s interest-free military clothing plan.
  • $4.8 million at Exchange restaurants with the everyday 10 percent food discount.
  • $4.3 million at the pump, where MILITARY STAR users save 5 cents per gallon of gas at Army and Air Force Exchange locations
  • $2.2 million with MILITARY STAR’s reduced-interest deployment policy.
  • $1.1 million on shipping on, where every purchase made with MILITARY STAR qualifies for free shipping.

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