Exchange Barbers Arrive at Tyndall to Serve Troops

Service members get their haircuts at the barber shop set up at Tyndall AFB, Fla.

Troops working to restore Tyndall AFB, Fla., after the devastating Hurricane Michael are now relying on the Exchange to get haircuts, thanks to the Highway Clipper mobile shop that arrived Wednesday.

“Along with our mobile field exchange, the barbers are bringing a sense of normalcy to Team Tyndall,” said Marne Gulde, the Exchange’s general manager at Tyndall.

Gulde and Regional Vice President Jesse Martinez thanked the Logistics Directorate for helping bring Highway Clipper to Tyndall.

“Command is extremely excited about the barbers,” Martinez said.

‘Clean-up and recovery mode’

Martinez said the Exchange is operating the mobile field exchange and gas pumps at the main Express. The MFE operates on a generator as crews try to restore electricity to the installation.

“This may be the way forward for some time,” he said. “The base and Exchange operations are in clean-up and recovery mode. While we do have prime power to the main Express, we are still without power at the main store, Burger King and Felix Lake Express.

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