JB Elmendorf-Richardson Main Store Opens After Friday’s Earthquake

The Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Exchange is expected to reopen Monday afternoon, Dec. 3, four days after a 7-magnitude earthquake struck Alaska last week.

“Once ceiling light fixtures are repaired and deemed safe, we will be back in business,” said General Manager Ray Stewart.

Most other Exchange facilities at the installation are now open, including the food court. The barber shop and Game Stop remained closed due to more extensive damage.

“The Alaska team has done an absolutely amazing job recovering from the earthquake,” said Patricia Austin, Northwest Area Regional Vice President. “Ray and his team made significant progress Saturday cleaning up the earthquake mess. The main store is ready to open because of an outstanding effort by associates working side by side with military volunteers to make it happen.”

Stewart praised the Soldiers and Airmen at the installation for helping the Exchange in the time of need.

“If it wasn’t for the 90 to 100 active-duty troops volunteering to help us clean up and put things back on the shelf, I’m not sure when we would be open,” Stewart said.

Associates and other helpers in the mall were treated to pizza by the Exchange.

Kent Forsch, the Exchange’s contingency program manager, praised Planning, Allocation and Replenishment Manager Genny Garcia, Forecast Analyst Jeremy Hall, West Coast DC Manager Kent Altom and Vice President of Transportation Operations Morgan Meeks for getting three air shipments of 40,000 units of food and hygiene products to the installation’s three Expresses.

“It’s amazing what Team Exchange accomplished in 24 hours,” Forsch said. “That is what we call taking care of the Soldier and Airman.’”




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