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Fort Sill Exchange Food Court Ready to Help Customers Make Healthier Choices

Roy Montez, the Exchange’s BE FIT ambassador, talks to a class of food service workers at Fort Sill, Okla., about how to make better-for-you options.

More than 30 Fort Sill managers and food court associates recently received hands-on training in how to help customers find better-for-you options and make healthy choices in the restaurants.

General Manager Don Walter invited Roy Montez, the Exchange’s BE FIT ambassador, to conduct sessions with food associates that targeted each food brand at Fort Sill, Okla., including the new Muscle Maker Grill.

“Educating our team helps better promote healthy food alternatives,” Walter said. “Doing this will support healthy lifestyles with Warfighters and their families and, perhaps, increase sales within these areas.”

Importance of being informed

Roy Montez

One of the attendees, Subway Assistant Manager Elizabeth Yoast, was excited about the results from suggesting better options.

“Recently, a repeat customer who is making some dietary adjustments came in and we were able to share some of the different choices from our menu,” Yoast said. “By changing some of the items on his order, he said that he is already losing weight.”

“Since better-for-you snack and meals choices are offered in all of the Exchange’s 1,700-plus restaurants, the possibilities are endless.”

-Roy Montez, BE FIT ambassador

Taco Bell Food Service Worker Daniel Hoagland recognizes the importance of being informed when he’s working the register.

“Working on a military base, many of our customers are physically active on a daily basis,” Hoagland said. “Knowing how to recommend healthy options helps me serve them better.”

Advertising and Promotions Specialist Lisa Moak, who worked with Montez and the HQ food team in developing the training, witnessed the practical application of the presentation.

“When the Popeyes’ manager attending the session asked how she could suggest a healthier option, Roy was able to build a combo from that menu which featured blackened chicken tenders, green beans and red beans and rice…Voila! A better-for-you combo choice,” Moak said.

During the training sessions, Montez also gave an overview of the Exchange’s Community Hub BE FIT webpage and provided details on where food court associates could direct customers to obtain more extensive nutritional facts than what menu boards and posters provide.

More confident with diners

Montez sees the potential for affecting military communities regarding good nutrition.

“Equipping associates around the Exchange with information will encourage them to be more confident with their diners,” Montez said. “Since better-for-you snack and meals choices are offered in all of the Exchange’s 1,700-plus restaurants, the possibilities are endless.”

When asked about the value of these training sessions, Walter’s response was straightforward.

“These presentations were positive and beneficial. We plan on having Roy back to Fort Sill early in 2019 to conduct customized BE FIT training sessions for retail and Express associates.”

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