December’s Customer Shoutouts: These Associates Rock!

Xhavat Behluli (top) and Duat Murtezi
Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo/Europe Region

On Sept. 15, I went into Camp Bondsteel’s Exchange 15 minutes prior to closing to look for an eyeglasses repair kit. Daut Murtezi was working behind the cash register and asked me if I need assistance. He went up and down two aisles assisting me in looking for the repair kit.

After five minutes, he asked Xhevat Behluli if he knew where the item was located. All three of us looked until the store closed with no luck. Xhevat and Daut both stated that they knew the item was here in the store and told me to come back on Sunday. They insisted that they would find it and have it available for me.

I returned the next day, Xhevat spotted me walking into the Exchange and flagged me down. He went behind the register and pulled out the eyeglasses repair kit. It was nice to see the dedicated customer service in the Exchange, and I appreciated their efforts in finding the item.

Ashley Perez
JB Andersen, Guam/Pacific Region

I wish to express my appreciation for the excellent service provided by Ashley of PowerZone. She took time in assisting me, not only locating the anti-virus software section, but also provided information that helped weigh the pros and cons of the brands, which aided me in clearly making the best choice for purchase. Great job Ashley! Keep up the good work!

 Jennifer Heath
Eglin AFB, Fla./Eastern Region

I am writing to let you know that Jennifer Heath is doing a great job at Einstein Bros. Bagels. She always makes eye contact and offers a warm greeting. When taking and filling my order, she is accurate and quick, while maintaining a friendly and professional atmosphere. My daily coffee experience is memorable because of her commitment to great customer service.

Daniella Chavez
JB San Antonio-Randolph/Central Region

My thanks to Daniella for her efficient, friendly and very helpful manner when she checked me out. She advised me that if I used my MILITARY STAR card to pay for the one specific item that I would get a $30 discount with the coupon. I was impressed and happy that she made me aware of it. Later I misplaced one of my credit cards and she offered to help me locate it.  My thanks to Daniella. I was also impressed with her positive attitude and strong desire to be helpful.’


Lovely Joy Palermo
F.E. Warren AFB/Western Region

I just love the F.E. Warren Main Exchange. It is clean, easy to get around and the staff is terrific. I would like to extend an “atta girl” to Ms. Joy. She truly is a joy. She is pleasant, positive, helpful and very customer centered. Please pass along my thanks to this wonderful cashier.


Amelia Wilson
CP Customer Contact Center/HQ

A caller stated that she worked in customer service for 35 years and knows good customer service and nice people. She wanted to make it was known that Amelia Wilson was a very helpful, pleasant, and nice person! She appreciated her assistance.






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