All in for Warfighters—Why Exchange Relevancy Matters

Wherever Warfighters go, the Exchange stands with them, supporting readiness, resiliency, recruiting and retention. Sharing the Exchange relevancy with your community helps the organization—and the benefit—stay strong.

In the coming weeks, the Exchange Post will share 25 key statements about the Exchange mission and support.

Here are the first three:

  • 123 Years and Counting. As the Department of Defense’s largest retailer, the Exchange has been serving Warfighters and families for nearly 124 years, working to protect their benefits of tax-free shopping and military-exclusive pricing.


  • Self-Supported … For Their Benefit. The Exchange funds 97 percent of its budget through the sale of goods and services. Only 3 percent comes from funds appropriated by Congress, mostly to transport merchandise overseas to Warfighters.


  • All In for Military Communities. 100 percent of Exchange earnings support the military’s Quality-of-Life programs critical to maintaining force readiness and resiliency, such as Child Development Centers, fitness centers and more. In the past 10 years, the Exchange has contributed more than $2.4 billion to these programs.

Read the second three.

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  1. Charles E Thrasher 3 on February 11, 2019 at 6:35 pm

    When I was told in ’97 when I graduated High School, that I would be unable to join the Military due to medical conditions, it nearly destroyed my life, because I knew that the Military was the life for me, and that was the only thing I had trained myself to do. I struggled through civilian life, until I at one point had no choice but to return home to my parents.

    13 years ago, I hired on with the Exchange as a laborer, just as a job to get back on my feet. Now I am a facility manager in charge of two facilities. My experience has taken from coast to coast, and someday I’d like to go overseas too, to share culture outside of the US with my family. Now working with the Exchange, I work so closely with the military, that often I’m told by the soldiers and airmen alike, “You are one of us.”

    The point of this story is that through out my career, this nations great warriors over and over again have expressed great appreciation for what we do. We are akin to family to them, and truly mission support. I could never be more proud than I am now, working for this great organization, with this great mission! Be proud, because by serving them, we are serving the country.

    • Steve Smith on February 11, 2019 at 6:58 pm

      Mr. Trasher:

      Thank you for writing to your Exchange Post. What a great testament to a devoted associate serving the world’s best customers!

      Anybody else out there want to comment? Type your thoughts in the comment box! We want to hear them.

      Steve Smith
      Editor, The Exchange Post

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