Virtual Outdoor Living Seminar Plants Seeds for 2019 Success

ODL leaders at HQ in Dallas join counterparts in CONUS and Europe during their virtual seminar to prepare for selling season.

Through the magic of technology, 300 Exchange managers and associates from 80 stores throughout the United States and Europe learned more about everything from garden hoses to gazebos, patios to power tools, with the 2019 Outdoor Living Virtual Seminar.

Last week, 17 vendors around the country, including Traeger, Husqvarna and Black + Decker, demonstrated their latest products and provided selling highlights ahead of the outdoor-living season.

Sales of outdoor living merchandise last year reached nearly $87 million, up 6 percent from the previous year.

The seminar was conducted live with managers and associates using a combination of phone conferencing and Adobe Connect, a program used to generate presentations and provide online training materials as well desktop sharing. Associates in the field followed the seminar on their personal computers and spoke directly with vendors.

“This is a chance for our managers and associates who specialize in outdoor living merchandise to get one-on-one interaction with vendors on how to sell the products and feel comfortable doing so,” said Linda Jerome, senior ODL buyer and lead on ODL virtual seminars. “This is our fifth ODL virtual training session, and the feedback from the field has been positive. The webinar is very successful in giving associates the tools they need to meet customers’ needs through the season.”

Pacific Region seminars coming soon

Managers and associates at Pacific Region Exchanges can access the seminar and associated materials once they’re posted to LEX. The recorded sessions should be available by Feb. 22.

Sales of outdoor living merchandise last year reached nearly $87 million, up 6 percent from the previous year.

“2019 competition will be strong, but I know our Exchange customers will continue to shop in our stores,” said Exchange Hardlines Vice President Chris Burton. I know we will continue to provide a great customer experience for them.”

Check out the Outdoor Living website to review vendor PowerPoints and watch the seminar’s opening video from Exchange Hardlines Vice President Chris Burton.


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