What Is Your Military Connection? Tell the Exchange on the Employee Self-Service Site

Because of the Exchange’s strong connection to the military, new features in Employee Self-Service (ESS) allow associates to mark their military connection and Wounded Warrior status. These new features align with the organization’s goal of hiring 50,000 Veterans and military spouses by 2020.

“This is the opportunity for associates to show their support for those who have served our country proudly, as active duty military or a supporting family member,” said EVP and Chief HR Officer Leigh Roop.

The military connection means the Exchange has a vested interest in targeting associate recruitment efforts towards Veterans, military spouses and family members.

HR leaders want to know how many associates around the world have prior military experience or have family members affiliated with the armed forces to help the organization in recruitment efforts toward Veterans, military spouses and others.

Associates can:

  • Click on “Self Identification.”


On the next screen, select “Military Connection.”



From here, associates can specify their family connection by branch of service.


From the self-Identification screen, associates also can confirm they are Wounded Warriors.



If you have a military connection or are a wounded warrior, take this opportunity to self-identify.




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