Why the Exchange Matters: From Lunchrooms to Battlefields

School Lunches


Exchange associates are involved in nearly every aspect of the lives of Warfighters.

Here are three more reasons the Exchange’s relevancy matters now more than ever:

  1. Head of the Class. Each year, the Exchange serves more than 2.5 million wholesome,
    nutritious school lunches to Warfighters’ Family Serving Familychildren overseas through its School Meal Program.

  2. Family Serving Family. The deep passion of Exchange associates for serving sets the organization apart from all other retailers. More than 85 percent of Exchange associates have a connection to the military.

  1. Serving Side by SideServing Side By Side. Since 9/11, more than 4,700 Exchange associates have deployed alongside our Nation’s military to bring Warfighters a taste of home.





Exchange History Fun Fact

Hungry youngsters at the Munich American Elementary School, 1981.

Hungry youngsters at the Munich American Elementary School in Germany, 1981.


The year the Exchange began serving lunches to children overseas when the first Department of Defense school cafeteria opened in the United Kingdom.

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