Express Seminar 2019: Who’s Top Banana Among Expresses?

Express stores around the world were honored at the annual seminar as top sellers in two crucial categories—bananas and craft beer. Winning stores had the largest percent increase in banana and craft beer sales over prior year.

Why bananas? Bananas are the top-selling fresh fruit at Expresses.

Banana challenger winners are:

Central Region: Fort Sill Boulevard Express (102% increase)

Eastern Region: Fort Belvoir NP Express (54% increase)

Western: Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Fort Richardson Express (270% increase)

Europe: Kelley Barracks Express (100% increase)

Pacific: Fort Shafter (104% increase)

Craft beer challenge winners are:

Central Region: Little Rock Express (26% increase)

Eastern Region: Fort Stewart Marne Express (63% increase)

Western Region: Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Elmendorf Express (35%)

Europe Region: Ramstein Express (46% increase)

Pacific Region: Kadena Fairchild Express (37% increase)


Here are pictures of the winners!

Posing with the banana winners are Divisional Merchandise Manager David Arens and Del Monte reps. With the craft beer winners are Buyer Vicki Venables, Divisional Merchandise Manager Bridget MacFawn and Buyer Diana Turgut.

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