June’s Customer Shoutouts: These Associates Rock!

Sheldon Richburg
Ali Al Salam AB/Europe Region

The store manager did an outstanding job handling an awkward laptop situation in which the unit malfunctioned and the Exchange Protection Plan was needed and used. This individual worked diligently to remedy the problem and cleared all complications with the protection plan! I greatly appreciated the support and service.

Miyuki Hentona
Pacific Region/Camp Foster

I was in the annex department when I had an amazing experience. I was looking for Yeti lids for my tumblers. There was only one on the shelf. But Miyuki  took almost 15 minutes of her time to look on the computer and locate an entire box in the back of the store so that I could get all of my needs met. I could tell by the new dust on her pants and sleeves that she had to do some serious looking before she found the box of lids I needed. She truly went above and beyond when it would have been very simple to say, “Sorry, that’s all we have.” It really was an awesome experience and saved me so much time and money because I didn’t need to search elsewhere or order online. Thank you.


Theresa Spraggins
Eastern Region/Fort Jackson, S.C.

At Fort Jackson’s Military Clothing Store, Theresa Spraggins was very professional and provided excellent service. The recommendations she made were spot on, and I appreciated it immensely. It would be nice if more people would provide this level of customer service.

Cheryl Collins
Central Region/Gulfport CRTC

I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the fine folks at the Gulfport CRTC Class Six. We had a crew of 300 people attend an exercise there recently. Due to the fact that we were not allowed off base and we had plenty of time off, I called ahead and spoke with the Manager Cheryl Collins about helping us make sure certain items were in full stock all week. These folks totally came through for our group. They even stocked items that were not usually carried at that small location: Burgers, hot dogs, buns, condiments, etc. It really made our week at Gulfport much more comfortable than it could have been. Many thanks to the hard-working folks at Gulfport!


Stephanie Sodorsky and Ryan Holdsworth
Western Region/Buckley AFB

I write to tell you of great service I received yesterday at the Exchange service station. Stephanie at the front desk and Ryan in the bays were great in helping me with a problem my truck was having. I scored each as an A+. Great service at a fair price . . . could not be better.

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