8 Big Tips for Selling AppleCare


  • Offer AppleCare to every customer who is buying an Apple product.
  • Introduce AppleCare early and often in the conversation.
  • Avoid terms like “extended warranty” or “insurance.”AppleCare is a “Service and Support Plan” with much more to offer.
  • Use “I recommend…” when introducing AppleCare products.
  • Make a personal connection with the customer by give specific examples of how AppleCare can enhance their experience.
  • Use AppleCare hang tags near Apple products at all times
  • Give customers who haven’t decided on AppleCare, give them information on how to get the plan once they leave the store.
  • Offer the Exchange Protection Plan as an alternative to customers who turn down AppleCare for their Apple products, but AppleCare is the most inclusive protection offered.

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The Core Project: Bringing Customers AppleCare’s Benefits, Peace of Mind

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