At Germany's Grafenwoehr Exchange, AppleCare information will catch the eyes of customers wanting Apple watches.

The Core Project: Bringing Customers AppleCare’s Benefits, Peace of Mind

Tinker AFB Sales Area Manager Paili Bloom is among PowerZone associates throughout the world who are informing customers about the benefits of the AppleCare plan.


PowerZone associates are informing customers about the benefits and peace of mind that comes when buying AppleCare extended warranties.

After extensive training, associates increased the overall rate to 13% in June, compared to 8% for the first five months combined of the fiscal year. The goal for the Exchange is a minimum 25% attachment rate by year’s end, said Duane Jeffery, the Exchange’s Apple buyer.

At Germany’s Grafenwoehr Exchange, AppleCare information will catch the eyes of customers wanting Apple watches.

The AppleCare effort, which began in June, is part of an initiative to sell more Apple products and increase attachments rates, which would boost revenue and earnings for the Exchange. In turn, the Exchange could increase dividends for the military’s Quality-of-Life programs that keep Warfighters and their families ready and resilient.

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Customer satisfaction also increases: Returns on Apple products are reduced significantly when customers buy AppleCare, which extends repair coverage and technical support for three years. Customers receive direct access to AppleCare contact centers, where they can talk with product experts for technical support on the phone or online.

“Nobody knows Apple products better than Apple,” Jeffery said. “We want our customers to make the right choice that ensures the best shopping experience with us. AppleCare does just that.”

The initiative also involves revamping Apple’s product pages on The AppleCare logo is displayed more prominently. Additional information on product pages, a video to customers, banners for the Exchange website and a more robust social media presence are in the works.

The Exchange improved its point-of-sale systems in the stores to accept AppleCare and a special team is dedicated to tracking the program in the stores and online to tackle any technical issues.

Main Store Manager Samantha Davis explains the AppleCare extended warranty program to a Soldier at Fort Hood.

In a webinar this spring, Apple experts taught Exchange managers and associates how to explain AppleCare’s benefits to customers. On Aug. 19-23, Apple will provide more training to PowerZone managers and associates during the 2019 Military Electronics Exchange Expo in Virginia Beach.

Associates are responding to the training they’ve already received.

At Fort Hood, for example, the AppleCare attachment rate rose to 17% in June, compared to 9% for the first five months of this year combined.

“The associate pulls out the literature on AppleCare as soon as the customer puts the item on the counter,” said Main Store Manager Samantha Davis. “We tell them that with AppleCare, they will get one-on-one tech support from the day they register.

“New Apple shoppers appreciate the added help from Apple’s customer service experts.”


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