Poland Associates Honored for Support at Tip of the Spear

Exchange associates at Poland’s Camp Torun earned certificates of appreciation from the 1st Battalion, 5th Field Artillery for taking care of Soldiers at the tip of the spear. From left are cashiers/stockers Piotr Hajdenrajch and Oliwia Kolodiejczak; Store Manager Marciej Perzewski; and supervisors Maciej Zaniewicz and Juliusz Pastucha.

Exchange associates “have exponentially increased the quality of life and morale,” battalion leaders said on their Facebook page. Commander LTC Iven Sugai, (left) and CSM Kazimier Kazimierowski presented associates with the certificates.

“They are right at the tip of the spear, giving our troops the necessities to keep them ready and resilient during the military exercise at Camp Torun,” said COL Scott McFarland, Exchange Europe/Southwest Asia Region commander. “These associates set the example for all to follow with their unwavering dedication to serving America’s Warfighters. I have heard nothing but praise from military leaders for these associates. Congratulations on the awesome recognition.”

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