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BREAKING NEWS: Two Years After Maria’s Wrath, Puerto Rico Exchange Prepares for Dorian

Workmen attach metal shutters to windows of the Camp Santiago Exchange in Puerto Rico to protect the building from storm damage. Dorian’s winds could top 70 mph. The storm is expected to hit Puerto Rico on Wednesday.

As Tropical Storm Dorian nears Puerto Rico, Exchange managers and associates on the island not even recovered completely from Hurricane Maria two years ago are preparing to again face heavy rains and winds. Early Tuesday, the National Hurricane Center issued a hurricane watch  for Puerto Rico, predicting that Dorian could strengthen during the next 48 hours. “Fuel deliveries are occurring with few delays and we don’t plan to close as of yet,” said Exchange Regional Vice President Jesse Martinez. The Dan Daniel Distribution Center is shipping about 3,800 bottles of water to Puerto Rico. In Exchange stores, fast sellers were gas cans, batteries and generators, Martinez said. “The team stands strong and ready to serve the military community as the storm approaches.”

Check back with the Exchange Post for any updates.

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