LG Shares Best Practices at National Supply Chain Conference

Logistics manager Lisa Solis

Exchange logistics associates are being looked to as industry experts when it comes to supply chain optimization (SCO).

Trade Compliance Manager Lisa Solis recently presented at the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals conference in Anaheim, Calif., sharing some of the Exchange’s best practices.

It was an opportunity to spread the Exchange relevancy message to industry professionals who attended Solis’ session.

“We got to tell the Exchange mission to a group of people who might not have known about us previously,” said Jeremy Boyd, vice president of SCO, who also represented the Exchange at the conference, which had about 3,000 attendees. “It was a chance to establish the Exchange’s credibility and show that we’re a legitimate player in the supply chain industry.”

The Exchange was likely one of the most complex supply chains represented, Boyd said. Navigating military regulations, different countries’ custom processes and international tariff policies are just some of the additional aspects that the Exchange has to factor in to its supply chain decisions.

“The fact that the Exchange was asked to present is a real honor,” Solis said. “We not only shared our experiences, but also learned from others and built our network among industry leaders.”

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