Let’s Honor Our Drivers: Send Us Your Trucker Appreciation Photos!

At Idaho’s Mountain Home AFB, Exchange trucker Jerry Lair, kneeling, is honored by warehouse workers Teresa Martinez, Teresa Alley, Sherry Johnson, Paul Benham, Clint Unruh, Susanne Catanese and Paul Kreyche.


Send your trucker appreciation photos to the Exchange Post and show how much we appreciate the men and women who deliver merchandise to the stores.

We want to create a special Flickr album to honor these Exchange truckers who crisscross the world delivering merchandise to the stores so we can meet customers’ needs.

If you took pictures of special Exchange truckers during National Trucker Appreciation Week earlier this month, please send them here.

Some guidelines:

  1. Save your pictures as jpegs.
  2. Send your pictures as attachments, not embedded in the text of emails.
  3. Do not reduce them in size.
  4. Include the names of the truckers and all associates in your pictures.

Show off your special trucker to Exchange associates around the world!

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