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COO Nelson Honors South Korea Associates for Typhoon Recovery Work

EVP and Chief Operating Officer Dave Nelson, center, with coin recipients and other members of the Korea Distribution Center.


CAMP MARKET, South Korea – When Typhoon Lingling slammed into the Exchange’s Korea Distribution Center, ripping off the roof, destroying a third of the building’s freezer and ruining $1.3 million in food products, associates jumped into action to ensure the operation kept moving.

For their work, EVP and Chief Operating Officer Dave Nelson presented his coins to managers and associates “for their unwavering dedication and outstanding support during the most challenging circumstances.”

During a visit to Camp Humphreys Sept. 25 and Camp Market Sept. 27, Nelson awarded coins to:

Nick Devincenzo

Jonah Thomas

Kurt Curtis

Michael Shields

Valbona Phillips

Pak, Yong-min

Workers prepare a building at South Korea’s Camp Humphreys to be the Exchange’s new distribution center for the country.

Chon, Chun-ho

CHOI, Sung-ha

CHONG, Tong-hun

Park, Kyung-min

PAK, Tae-chun

KIM, Yong-son

KIM, Yong-tuk

YU, Hui-yol

YIM, Chae-song

YOM, Pu-yol

KIM, Chung-kwon

PAEK, Chong-hwan

HAN, Ki-hyong

CHO, Kwang-sik

YIM, Hyun-su

WON, Chong-ki

KIM, Tok-Pong

KIM, Ho-chun

On Sept. 25, Nelson visited the new Camp Humphreys DC, where the Camp Market DC will move in mid-2020. Accompanying Nelson were Pacific Region Senior Vice President Karin Duncan, Vice President Rick Fair, Camp Humphrey General Manager Scott Bonner and Facilities Management Manager Michael Shields.

EVP and Chief Operating Officer Dave Nelson, center, joins Exchange managers to walk through what will be the new distribution center at South Korea’s Camp Humphreys.

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