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HQ Starbucks is No. 1 in Dallas-Fort Worth for Customer Experience

Left to right, Exchange manager Linda Densmore; Starbucks Foremen Kela Williams and Joseph Gomez; Starbucks District Manager Gus Dracopoulos; and Food Court Manager Michael Blankenship.

The Starbucks at Exchange HQ recently scored the highest in customer experience among all 320 franchised Starbucks in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Starbucks District Manager Gus Dracopoulos presented Exchange managers Michael Blankenship and Linda Densmore and Starbucks Foremen Kela Williams and Joseph Gomez with a certificate signifying their customer experience score reaching 85 out of 100 for September.

The customer experience ratings include service, friendly interactions with customers, order accuracy, product quality and other factors.

“We have a really good team and really good baristas,” Gomez said. “We’re hard to beat.”

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