Meet the XKids – The Exchange’s In-House Toy Experts

After the holidays, the kids may participate in Month of the Military Child initiatives.


A team of young experts has joined the Exchange family to assist the military community with “all things toys” ahead of the holidays.

The XKids are a group of 13 children, ages 3 to 13, whose parents and family members are Exchange associates. The influencer program is part of the Exchange’s growing efforts to connect with shoppers on social media and on the community Hub. The kids are featured in the toy book, on Facebook and Instagram and on their own Hub page.

“The XKids have the ability to build relationships with our young customers in an authentic way,” said Disney Liason Jennifer Wooten, who coordinates the program and whose children, Kessler and Addie, are part of the team. “Younger generations put more value in connecting, and in belonging to something bigger.”

The Corporate Communication team worked with the Merchandising Directorate to let the XKids shine online. After the holidays, MD plans to expand the kids’ duties by having them participate in Month of the Military Child initiatives.

“The goal is to connect the XKids with local military children to create a community and make all military children feel like they are XKids too,” Wooten said.

Besides Wooten, the XKids and their parents are:

  • Melissa Culberson, buyer II, MD – Isla (6), Gemma (8) and Petra (4), cousins
  • Ryan Smith, social media analyst III, EG– Vale (4), daughter
  • Christine Rogozinski, social media analyst I, EG – Kelsey and Kensley (11), daughters
  • Rita Vorachack, replenishment and inventory analyst, MD – Roman (4), son
  • Maurice Benas, buyer III, MD – Lance (13) and Noah (9), sons
  • Nicole Smith, buyer II, MD – Cameron (12), daughter
  • Mark Vessels, buyer IV, MD – Adeline (3), daughter
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