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Baby Boom: Upgraded Baby Sections Pay Off for the Exchange

They grow so fast!

It’s not just little ones who are getting bigger—the Exchange’s extra attention to baby sections has led to major sales growth in that category.

Since August 2019, baby sections in 13 Exchange stores have received major face-lifts, and more stores are in line for upgrades.

Early last year, Exchange buying teams discovered an opportunity to carry more popular brands such as Jujube, Dock-A-Tot and Luvs in addition to the best-selling brands available at the time.

Exchange Buyer Adriana Ybarra spearheaded the baby section upgrades with hopes that more parents would make the Exchange their go-to store for all their baby’s needs.

“Upgraded Exchanges have everything a parent could need for their little ones,” Ybarra said. “We now carry industry-leading brands and have reorganized our baby sections to make merchandise more accessible and easier to find.”

Products such as strollers and car seats were brought down from high shelves to the floor where customers can more easily see and interact with their features.

The biggest change was expanding the diaper selection. This was an important first step because as any parent knows, diapers are a main reason for a trip to the store and having a variety of brands to choose from ensures that no parent leaves empty-handed.

If shoppers at any Exchange location see a product they like in stores, but want it in a different color, they can scan a QR code that takes them right to the product’s page on ShopMyExchange.com.

“We wanted the baby section to resemble a nursery,” Ybarra said. “Our goal was to bring that feeling into Exchange stores with a baby area that catered to parents and made all the necessities easier to find.”

Locations with new and improved baby sections, such as Fort Hood, Fort Carson, and Ramstein AB, have experienced a 50% to 60% sales increase in that category since their launches.

Ybarra says associates can expect customized upgrades to their stores based on store needs.

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