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Steve Smith

The Exchange in Italy: Vicenza Undergoing First Renovation in 15 Years

By Steve Smith / September 23, 2019 /

“We are excited to bring a better shopping and dining experience for our Warfighters and their families.”

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Korea Associates Learn Latest Warehouse Technology at West Coast DC

By Steve Smith / September 19, 2019 /

“Many Korea DC associates have worked with our present warehouse management system for decades and have wished for better ways to accomplish tasks.”

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Watch Now! Fort Carson Starbucks Creates Priceless Moment for Military Family

By Steve Smith / September 17, 2019 /

Aless Real created a special homecoming for a Fort Carson military family.

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September’s Customer Shoutouts: These Associates Rock!

By Steve Smith / September 16, 2019 /

These associates took customer service to new heights!

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Send Your Pictures from Korea of Exchange Chuseok Celebrations!

By Steve Smith / September 13, 2019 /

See your Chuseok pictures on Flickr!

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The Exchange Wants You, Uncle Sam!

By Steve Smith / September 12, 2019 /

“. . . we are providing the same cost savings to 373 federal agencies in CONUS.”

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Hurricane Dorian Update: Storm Surge to Slam Langley-Eustis

By Steve Smith / September 6, 2019 /

The storm surge is expected to be 6.7 feet.

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Hurricane Dorian Update: More Exchanges Close as Storm Slams Carolinas

By Steve Smith / September 5, 2019 /

Exchanges in Carolinas and Virginia are taking precautions.

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Hurricane Dorian Update: National Guard Arrives at Fort Stewart

By Steve Smith / September 4, 2019 /

“Many of them have been through so many hurricanes that this has become a norm.”

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Hurricane Dorian Update: Exchanges Closing as Storm Threatens Southeastern Coast

By Steve Smith / September 3, 2019 /

Stores were turning to social media to keep their military communities up to date.

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