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Family Serving Family

Family Serving Family: Mother’s Instincts Kicks In for Military Clothing Manager

By Steve Smith / October 11, 2019 /

“We have a customer for life.”

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Exchange Manager Pours Self into Serving Troops

By Laura Levering / August 30, 2019 /

“Wherever the troops go, we go with them … and there’s nothing more pleasing to me.”

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#WhyIServe: Troop Store Manager Shares Her Story of Service, Honored on Facebook by National Guard

By Steve Smith / August 22, 2019 /

“I love working with the military and believe in its mission.”

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To Excite Customers, This Firestone Waiting Room is Actually a Museum

By Steve Smith / August 7, 2019 /

“You should see their faces light up when I put an old steel mess tray in their hands . . . priceless!” 

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To Support Military Relief Programs, Exchange Associates Can Give, Get Back June 14-18

By Marisa Conner / June 5, 2019 /

“Army Emergency Relief and the Air Force Assistance Fund are making life better for the military community every day.”

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Exchange Playground

It Pays To Shop the Exchange: $223 Million Generated for Quality-of-Life Programs in 2018

By Steve Smith / June 4, 2019 /

Over the last 10 years, Exchange shoppers have contributed $2.5 billion to support Army Child Development Centers and fitness centers, Air Force Outdoor Recreation and other programs that strengthen the Services’ recruiting, retention and readiness efforts.

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Bliss Military Clothing Staff Helps Honor Family’s ‘True Soldier’

By Steve Smith / May 23, 2019 /

“Care is exactly what they did and in every sense of the word.”

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This HR program targets Veterans or Exchange retirees to fill positions in Southwest Asia and Eastern Europe locations.

Veterans, Exchange Retirees Fill Jobs Downrange

By Doug Brodess / May 15, 2019 /

This HR program targets Veterans or Exchange retirees to fill positions in Southwest Asia and Eastern Europe locations.

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‘Welcome Home, Daddy! Welcome Home on Behalf of the Exchange’

By Steve Smith / May 1, 2019 /

“We will always be so grateful for the memories you helped us create.”

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Eighty-four-year-old Charlsie Dean celebrates her golden anniversary with the Exchange at the Fort McClellan National Guard Troop Store. Joining her in a picture are, left to right, Jesse Martinez, southeast region vice president, who is presenting her with a Thanks award; Don Sydlik, general manager; Lucretia Palmer, McClellan store manager; and John Seward, regional HR manager.

McClellan Troop Store Associate Celebrates 50 Years with the Exchange

By Steve Smith / April 15, 2019 /

“Charlsie is a pillar of this team and this community.”

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