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With 2017 Goals and Strategic Priorities Complete, Exchange Looks Forward to an Even Better 2018

It is truly an honor to be part of this incredible Exchange team as we start a new year. We are leaving behind an extraordinary 2017, which began with the Exchange gaining approval to pursue the Veterans online shopping benefit and ended with record sales after the benefit’s successful launch. We met the challenges of supporting our Warfighters in contingency locations all over the world, including new locations at the tip of the spear in Eastern Europe, Africa and South Korea. The Exchange also sprang into action to quickly move merchandise and manpower to push support to areas devastated by Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma. Keep Reading

Four Core Competencies for Effective Leaders

During the past several Exchange Post articles, and more recently in my monthly “Taking Care of People is Good for Business” messages, you may have noticed a focus on the need for us to further develop our competencies as we improve ourselves to be even more effective. People who have the best competencies have what I like to refer to as the “It Factor;” they exhibit traits that stand out from the crowd. Whether assisting customers, setting a planogram, managing a refund or developing a new program, we all contribute, but it is those who make the ordinary extraordinary who raise the game of everyone around them. These are the people with the “It Factor” who take the time to invest… Keep Reading

The Best of What We Do: Taking Care of Warfighters Far From Home

A large part of what makes the Exchange unique is our capability and dedication to care for service members far from home. We provide to our heroes in far-flung corners of the world the familiar products, dining experiences, fresh-baked goods made with American ingredients, nutritious and affordable school lunches for Warfighters’ children, combat uniforms below cost and gasoline prices significantly lower than those found on the European economy. Keep Reading

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