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Watch the inspiring Exchange Videos shown at the 2016 MSM/GM conference. Watch “A State of the EXCHANGE” from ExchangeAssoc on Vimeo. “Lead From Where You Are” from ExchangeAssoc on Vimeo. “2015 Exchange By The Numbers” from ExchangeAssoc on Vimeo. Keep Reading

Celebrating Achievements, Looking Toward Future

Congratulations! It is Truly an Honor to Serve with Each of You  I have exciting news to share about the Exchange’s 2015 financials. I have seen the preliminary results, and our team can be proud of what is projected to be record-setting dividends for the past year. Once we have the final results, I will share them with you. As we celebrate our past achievements, we look toward a bright future, thanks to the strong foundation we’ve built together during the past 46 months. You have triumphed despite a significant drawdown of military operations in Afghanistan, excelled as active-duty ranks decreased and thrived in an industry undergoing seismic shifts. MSM/GM Conference Part of our success is rooted in the fact we… Keep Reading

We Appreciate You, Associates!

Exceptional Results are Work of Entire Team  We appreciate you! I begin this month’s column by thanking each of you for your dedication, commitment and passion in serving our country’s Soldiers, Airmen and their families. Impressively, earnings have been very strong at $367 million—almost 7 percent better than expected. These exceptional results are the work of the entire team—store associates, cashiers, warehouse workers, truck drivers, call-center representatives and headquarters associates—pulling together, united in our commitment to serve those who serve. Thank you! Accomplishments amid challenges It is a tremendous accomplishment to maintain this level of financial performance and, in turn, dividends, despite continued challenges affecting our business. For example, the number of active-duty Soldiers in 2012 was 570,000. This number… Keep Reading

Share the Connections

Tell Customers, Coworkers of Your Military Connections Happy new fiscal year! 2015 has come to a close, a year in which we celebrated 120 years of service and support. How fortunate we are to continue a legacy 12 decades in the making. The start of any new year is an opportunity to reflect upon the successes of the past year as we look forward to opportunities ahead. As I look toward FY 2016, I’m reminded one of our greatest strengths is the relationship we share with those we are so privileged to serve. Knowing the sacrifices Today, 88 percent of Exchange associates share a connection to our military. Whether you wore our country’s uniform or are the parent, spouse or… Keep Reading

An Inspiring, Impressing Trip Downrange

Eight stores in three countries in four days Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe just a few short months ago, we were celebrating our 120th anniversary in the heat of summer. With our biggest shopping season just wrapped up, our thoughts turn to preparing for the annual inventory and then focusing on our initiatives and priorities for the 2016 retail year, which starts in February. Whirlwind trip Before Thanksgiving, Chief Master Sgt. Sean Applegate, the Exchange’s senior enlisted advisor, and I visited Exchange facilities throughout Southwest Asia. The Exchange operates stores in Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and, once again, in Iraq. The chief and I visited eight stores in three countries in four days—it was quite a… Keep Reading


Veterans Day, Black Friday, Cyber Sales Beat Expectations

Last month, we officially kicked off the holiday selling season. Thank you for all your hard work during the Veterans Day, Black Friday and Cyber Week sales. Many of you went above and beyond, missing out on time with friends and family to improve the customer experience and increase sales. Your dedication in serving those who serve exceeded expectations. Please continue the focus on creating an exceptional shopping experience throughout the rest of the season. Happy holidays to you all!  – Tom Shull The National Retail Federation (NRF) is predicting a 3.6 percent increase in retail sales during the 2016 holiday season. The Exchange is on pace to outperform the NRF’s forecast, as indicated by our sales results for Veteran’s Day and Black Friday through Cyber Week.… Keep Reading


Exchange Service Stars

HQ I just wanted to recognize Reneae from Subway. Normally when I see her work with the other people she tries to put them in a place that makes the line move smoothly…probably why I can come in to the food court and Subways line is twice as long as Burger King or Taco Bell but still goes through their customers 3 times as fast. Today in particular she was alone and still got everyone’s order out quickly while holding a conversation with her customers. Customer: Unknown Wiesbaden Peter helped us with a rug tonight and was phenomenal! He has great customer service skills and went above and beyond to help us. We truly appreciate his help and look forward… Keep Reading


Exchange Service Stars – Full Comments

Yongson Employee ________ went out of his way to help me find a product I needed to help me with a problem I had. The PX didn’t carry the item, but he wrote it in Korean for me so I could find it off-base in a store. I asked several people for help, everyone but ________, said they don’t carry the product and wouldn’t help me any further. Thank you very much for your time and assistance! Customer: David W. HQ I just wanted to recognize Reneae from Subway. This women out works all of your other workers there. Plus she is friendly, efficient and remembers my order. Normally when I see her work with the other people she tries… Keep Reading

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