July 2019

Exchange Opens First Mobile Dental Office

By Marisa Conner / July 9, 2019 /

“Bringing the dental office inside the gates makes it easier for service members, retirees and their families to access this vital health service.”

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124th Anniversary Month: Our MFEs Have Served Troops Since World War II

By Steve Smith / July 9, 2019 /

From stack wagons to sophisticated trailers, MFEs have allowed us to live up to the motto, “We Go Where You Go.”

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124th Anniversary Month: Postcards, Matchbooks Tell Our History

By Steve Smith / July 8, 2019 /

Did you know our PXs once appeared on postcards and matchbook covers?

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JB Lewis-McChord’s Main Exchange to Become ‘Major League Mall’ in 2020

By Pamela Kulokas / July 8, 2019 /

“It’s going to have a wow factor when you walk in. It’s going to look awesome.”

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124th Anniversary Month: What Did Your Exchange Look Like Years Ago?

By Steve Smith / July 3, 2019 /

Check out these Exchange pictures from years ago

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Soldiers Attend Esports Gamer ‘Boot Camp’ Through Exchange Partnership

By Marisa Conner / July 3, 2019 /

“The skills needed in gaming are a good blend of what the Army is looking for in Soldiers.”

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Fort Campbell's HR Office was judged the best of the best for accomplishments in 2018. Left to right, HR Assistants Noriliz Del Rio Rogers and Kimberly Leipheimer; EVP and Chief HR Officer Leigh Roop; Fort Campbell HR Manager Cecilia Luna; Dr. Patrick Oldenburgh, Vice President HR Operations; Regional HR Manager Richard Mora; and Central Region Senior Vice President Marla Smith.

Fort Campbell Wins the 2018 CHRO Pinnacle Award

By Marcia Rhodes / July 2, 2019 /

“Awards of this magnitude are not won alone—they are won as a team.”

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124th Exchange Anniversary Month: Red-Letter Dates for July

By Steve Smith / July 2, 2019 /

See what happened during this month in Exchange history as we near our 124th anniversary on July 25.

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Retiree Association Awards $43,000 in College Scholarships

By Steve Smith / July 1, 2019 /

In an era of overwhelming student debt, these collegians won’t to worry as much.

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This Man was the ‘Founder’ of Today’s Exchange

By Steve Smith / July 1, 2019 /

Read about the man who “wrote the book” on how to run what would become known as “post exchanges.”

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