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Dietary And Supplement Safety-Slim

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Roy Montez Be Fit Live Workout

BE FIT LIVE: Come Train With Us!

Live workout from 20 July 2020.   Join Be Fit Ambassador Roy Montez and SMSgt Berry during a Facebook Live workout to challenge yourself with targeted workouts for your arms, core, back, glutes and lower body for a full body strength and conditioning test to help you stay mission ready.   If you were not…
Fitness At Home

Fitness At Home

At-home workouts can be just as effective using bodyweight exercises to work nearly every muscle in your body. Combining basic movements like the burpee, air squat, mountain climber, lunge and pushup is a great way to challenge yourself while maximizing your time.   THE WORKOUT   Lower Body Squat – 15 reps Side Lunge – 15…
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April Healthier Choices Highlights at your Express

The Exchange carries 450+ Healthier Choices BE FIT-approved items, including fresh fruit, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, trail mix and nuts, tuna, grass-fed meat snacks and jerky, veggie chips, frozen entrees, bottled water, and more. To qualify, items must contain: For entrees, fewer than 500 calories and fewer than 480 milligrams of sodium. For snacks, 200 calories…
Cardio Based Workout

Indoor/Outdoor Cardio-Based Workout

THE WORKOUT   THE BREAKDOWN Refresh your cardio-based workout by taking it to the track. Created around the 2 mile run, you will also incorporate multiple movements that will target a full range of muscular strength. No track? No need. Adjust the workout plan accordingly. What’s great about this workout is that you can substitute…
Healthier Choices Tag

A Spotlight on Healthier Choices

Did you know that you can find more than 450+ Healthier Choices items available at your Express? Here are a few items to help build a healthier lifestyle! CONUS locations view here: Healthier Choices Healthier Lifestyle Mar 2020 CONUS .   OCONUS locations view here: Healthier Choices Healthier Lifestyle Mar 2020 OCONUS DMN .  
Track days and Running Shoes

Army Warrior Fitness Team – Two Mile Run

No gym? No problem! Here’s a solid workout for everyone without a gym via the US Army Warrior Fitness Team
BE WELL - Wellness Services at your Exchange

Wellness Services Offered At Your Exchange

We know Fitness and Nutrition are an important part to living BE FIT, however, an additional key to your readiness is your Health and Wellness. With proper care of your body, you can sustain good health and perform your responsibilities at work and at home to the best of your abilities. Be strong! Be Healthy!…

Fitness & Nutrition Tips

Meet the Bells! Sgt. Maj. Edward Bell and wife Lisa combine fitness and smart nutrition as the Exchange’s BE FIT spokescouple to provide a real-life example of healthy living for military families.

Healthier Choices

Take the guesswork out of eating on the go! At Exchanges and Express locations worldwide, military shoppers can identify Healthier Choices BE FIT food and beverage options by an easy-to-spot ‘Healthier Choices, Healthier Lifestyle’ shelf tag.

Build A Better You

When dining at Exchange restaurants, you can find better-for-you options to fit most healthy lifestyle choices. Whether you're searching for low in carb or high in protein meals, these options are conveniently available to help build a better you.

Charleys Philly Steaks
Burger King

Cuisinart Air Fryer - Salmon


Sgt. Maj. Edward and Lisa Bell

Be Fit Influencer SGM Bell and Lisa Bell



Follow along with Lisa as she makes burning calories fun and energetic.

Sgt. 1st Class Sherille Butler

Roy Montez, BE FIT Strategic Marketing Manager, Exchange

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