2016 Extraordinary Achievement Award Recipients

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Mickey Bradford

Mickey’s collaboration and stellar leadership removed obstacles paving the way for critical corporate initiatives. Mickey led the successful upgrade of the JDA warehouse management system at the West Coast Distribution Center, guiding the team to mock go-lives clearly identifying when systems were reliable and ready for implementation. He cleared the path successfully, implementing eWADC in an unprecedented 120 days, mitigating the risk of 3PL failure. These extraordinary achievements are a testament to Mickey’s dedication and drive to succeed.

Alan French

Alan’s leadership and knowledge of logistics have been the cornerstone to the transformation of the supply chain during the past three years. He has provided the vision and motivation to rally the business along all aspects, reducing costs by more than $60 million and increasing self-reliance for online fulfillment by increasing capacity by more than 240 percent and producing a consistent customer experience. These extraordinary achievements were possible by Alan’s motivation, teamwork and drive for success.

Jay McCartin

Jay’s guidance and resilience has been instrumental in the successful transformation from antiquated systems. Jay is the Logistics Directorate’s go-to coordinator and collaborator across the business and has brought new vision to old practices, while growing internal capacity across various channels, affording the business to be more self-reliant and controlling the customer experience in an efficient and effective manger. Jay has removed more than $60 million in excess costs from the supply chain.

David Adams

David’s team built and tested systems with mock go-lives leading to the West Coast Distribution Center’s warehouse management system upgrade and eWADC implementation. The eWADC project was implemented in 120 days by collaborating with all directorates, vendors and contractors. The eWADC project is the cornerstone of system enhancements supporting the corporate initiative, Grow Online Sales, posturing the Exchange as an omni-channel retailer. These extraordinary achievements were possible with David’s exceptional leadership, laser focus and decision.


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