3 Reasons to Promote e-Receipts to Customers

e-Receipts are a useful and efficient tool to improve the customer’s shopping experience.

e-Receipts are helpful in three ways. They:

  1. Make merchandise returns easier.
  2. Provide valuable coupons and promotions to customers.
  3. Can be sent directly to customers’ phones.

Here are five tips store associates can use to help the Exchange boost the number of e-Receipts:

  1. Offer an e-Receipt as a first option for customers.
  2. Tell customers about special promotions, coupons and offers they’ll receive via email by opting for e-Receipts.
  3. Inform them e-Receipts will be emailed directly to them for storing and viewing on their mobile devices.
  4. Let customers know that e-Receipts make merchandise returns easier. The receipt is right there on their mobile device.
  5. Explain to customers that they can use e-Receipts to track their Exchange purchases.
E-RECEIPTS FUNFACTS: Since the Exchange introduced e-Receipts in mid-2013, customers have requested nearly 507,000 electronic receipts.
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