Associates Become Masters in Apple Training Program

Associates Become Masters in Apple Training Program

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For Exchange associates, learning about Apple products—and how to sell them—means going straight to the source: Apple itself.

Since early 2017, when Apple began offering the training to the Exchange, more than 300 associates have participated in the standard product knowledge training on proprietary Sales, Enablement, Education and Development (SEED) training site. The site delivers sales news, tips, games, and other resources to Apple’s retail partners.

From the 30 Exchange Apple concept shops, 60 associates were selected to participate in the Apple Masters Training Program, receiving training beyond that of the standard curriculum. Associates participate in a 12-month program to become Apple experts.

Masters are provided weekly newsletters about Apple products and join monthly live webinars with Apple professionals. Apple also supplies them with devices, such as iPads, smart keyboards and Apple pencils, to use with their SEED training and when they serve Exchange customers. Participants earn user experience points and badges for completing resources within SEED. The more experience points they earn, the higher level they achieve.

The Masters associates share knowledge with their teammates who sell Apple products. The increased sales knowledge drives higher accessory attachment rates and boost associate motivation, which in turn leads to greater customer satisfaction.

The training has transformed the way I sell Apple products.

 – Customer Experience Associate Dominque Miranda

Customer Experience Associate Dominque Miranda said her Masters training greatly impacted her ability to educate her associates with its continuous weekly modules and monthly webinars.

“The training has transformed the way I sell Apple products,” Miranda said, “One aspect of the program, which has improved the way I sell merchandise, is the training on conducting effective product demonstrations. This training provided me with well-rounded questions to ask customers to furthers conversation that almost always ends in a sale.”

The pictured associates demonstrated tenaciousness and leadership in their completion of the Apple training modules and share their knowledge daily with Exchange shoppers. The numbers represent the Apple Master level they have achieved.

The associates are:

  • Dominque Miranda, RAF Lakenheath – Level 42 Apple Master
  • Michael Hannon, MacDill AFB – Level 38 Apple Master
  • Johanna Rowbotham, RAF Lakenheath – Level 37 Apple Master
  • Jennifer Estrella, Schofield Barracks – Level 36 Apple Master
Associates interested in the SEED training can contact Exchange Senior Policy Program Manager Brett Bartel ( or their local GET Marketing representative.

The Masters program slots are limited, and candidates must be identified by store managers.


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