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Be Aware of Changes to Prescription Benefits

A new formulary in 2019 will affect the prescriptions covered by the Exchange’s health plan.

In late 2018, Aetna will mail letters to those associates who are taking prescriptions that the coverage changes will affect in 2019.

The formulary, also called a “preferred drug list,” shows which brand-name and generic drugs are covered by the Exchange’s health plan and the cost share that applies.

Any drugs excluded from coverage will be replaced with alternative drugs the plan covers.

Associates can find the formulary here.

Check out these benefits

Here is a glance at the health plan’s pharmacy benefits:

  • Short-term prescription (up to 30-day supply). Use a network pharmacy. Log in to com > Find Care > Pharmacy.
  • Long-term prescription (up to 90-day supply). Associates can either receive their long-term prescriptions through the mail or have the prescriptions filled at their local CVS pharmacy. For mail with Aetna Rx Home Delivery, log in to com > See Coverage & Costs > Pharmacy Coverage or call 1-888-792-3862 to get started. CVS is the only pharmacy in the Aetna long-term prescription program.
  • Maintenance drugs taken on an ongoing basis. The Maintenance Choice program works the same way as long-term prescriptions. Learn more at nafhealthplans.com > Pharmacy Program.
  • Specialty drugs, which requires special handling or refrigeration. Use Aetna Specialty Pharmacy. Log in to com > Manage Prescriptions or call 1-888-792-3862.
  • Comparing drug prices. Estimate and compare costs of prescriptions ahead of time. Log in to com > Manage Prescriptions.

Tip: Sign up for an FSA

Contributing to a health care flexible spending account (FSA) is a great way to pay for prescription drugs.

An FSA lets associates save money from their paychecks pretax for eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses for themselves and their dependents.

Associates who use a healthcare FSA and new participants will receive a PayFlex debit card by Jan. 1, pre-loaded with the full amounts they chose for 2019.

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