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POSA Scammers Still Scheming: Be Vigilant and Protect Exchange Earnings for Warfighters and Families

One of the most popular gift cards for POSA phone scammers.


Scammers are still exhausting all means to steal from the military community, especially with point-of-sale activated (POSA) cards.

In the past two weeks, scammers hit several CONUS Exchanges, causing thousands in fraudulently loaded POSA cards.

From Loss Prevention leaders, here are three ways to keep POSA scams from occurring:

  • Never load POSA cards over the phone.
  • Remember always that no one, not even somebody from Exchange headquarters, will ever legitimately call any store to conduct any kind of financial transaction.
  • Hang up the phone if someone asks for a transaction without being there in person with payment in hand. Do not talk to the caller. Engaging in conversation is how scammers “set the hook” and become convincing.

Tell the general manager and loss prevention immediately.

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