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Take Advantage of Free Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Based on feedback from the DoD NAF Health Benefits Program survey, Aetna’s Healthy Lifestyle Coaching program is now a part of the Exchange’s 2019 medical programs in CONUS—and it’s free.

With this program, associates who have medical insurance through the Exchange can choose what healthy changes they you want to make, such as:

  • Losing weight, eating better, exercising more
  • Quitting smoking or tobacco in general
  • Preventing diseases
  • Managing stress

A wellness coach will guide and support associates with regular group sessions. It’s also available for covered spouses, and covered dependents 18 and older.

Learn more about the coaching program here, including flyers in Spanish and English.

Sign up by calling 1-866-213-0153 or logging in at > Stay Healthy > Health Programs.

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